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#tags and the City of New Bedford II

Awhile back, I wrote the first edition of this column, #tags and the City of New Bedford, which encouraged readers to follow some unique local Instagram accounts.

An amazing, event-filled summer in the greater New Bedford region has brought some new digital shutterbugs to my attention. Each caught the city, sunshine and more in all its glory – and in their own different ways. So, here’s edition II of #tags and the City of New Bedford – but first, out of sheer self-interest, be sure you’re following us! Groundwork! Can be found at @groundwork_newbedford and this writer can be found at @newbedfordnow.

After that, follow these accounts…

Brian Gallant – first responder photographer

@brian.gallant – Nice story: Brian Gallant is a third generation New Bedford firefighter. His grandfather served from 1950-1981, and his dad from 1976-2010. Currently, Brian is a Lieutenant at Station 7, found at the corner of Cottage and Durfee Streets. He’s also a 2006 graduate of UMass Dartmouth’s College of Visual and Performing Arts with a BFA in visual design/photography. That means when Brian’s not fighting fires, he’s setting Instagram ablaze with stunning images from all over the Southcoast area. His frequent companion and muse, Jake, is pictured above looking over New Bedford Harbor from Fort Phoenix.

The Baker – Satisfy your food cravings

@thebaker_nb – Every Instagram list needs some culinary eye candy. You’ll find it at the account for downtown New Bedford’s The Baker. It’s also useful, as owner and baker Brandon Roderick posts photos of that day’s hot selection of baked goods – which often sell out long before closing time. So if you want to be in the know for the dough, check your Instagram feed before heading into the office….

Tom Bob – Street art in New Bedford and New York

@tombobnyc – His handle says Tom Bob New York City – but fortunately, the street artist also calls the Whaling City home and, more importantly, works his magic on city streets. Get your daily dose of urban art inspiration by following his exploits from Kilburn Mills Studios to Kirby Paints to Acushnet Avenue..

Jordan O’Connell – The Sun, with attitude

@irishmasshole – A gritty persona that reads, “STRAIGHT OUTTA MASS” also plays “Nice with the camera.” This dude knows just when to point and shoot – mostly at dawn or dusk and primarily in the city’s gorgeous south end. You’ll find the best sunrises and sunsets here – and a gangster with a good eye.

Industry City – Imagine the future

@industrycity – Okay – so this user isn’t in New Bedford – it isn’t even in Massachusetts. But, Groundwork is a co-working facility, after all, and it’s nice to get some visual guidance as to what the future here could look like. Industry City is a New York’s hub for creatives and entrepreneurs inside a 6 million square foot (!) campus of interconnected industrial spaces in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. We love the images they post which convey the sheer joy and purpose  of collaboration. It pays to aim high – and @industrycity captures that idea and posts it on Instagram every day.

Jeff Golenski – Eraserhead with a camera

@jeffgolenski – Finally, one of our own. Groundwork! member, WordPress designer, and “life enthusiast,” Jeff Golenski has a style that puts us in mind of a David Lynch movie. No wonder he writes that he’s  “vibrating at 528hz”. His haunting, poignant landscapes capture Southcoast and most often the world at large from their own dimension. Think “Twin Peaks” – with Jeff acting as Agent Cooper.

Steven Froias