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Starting a Garden

All you need to basics for Planting a Vegetable Garden: sun, soil & seeds. All in one guide.

I’ve never thought about taking up gardening as a hobby until this year when my mom brought up the idea to me. As the weather began clearing up in the spring, we decided this should be something we do together this summer. I remember helping my mom plant flowers when I was little, but this year we started an actual fruit and vegetable garden in our backyard. Now we are seeing little sprouts of tomatoes, strawberries, green peppers, zucchini, and summer squash growing bigger each day.

This got me thinking about the benefits to having your own garden, and although spring is over, there are still many fruits and vegetables you can begin planting now to last into the autumn weather. But first, let me tell you why you should consider gardening.

It’s easier to eat healthy

One of my goals I made when the year started was that I was going to begin eating healthier. For me, this meant beginning my journey of slowly transitioning into veganism (I’m off to a very slow start lol), and although this is a little on the extreme side, anyone can benefit from adding more servings of fruits and vegetables into their diets. Having an array of fresh fruit and veggies right in your own backyard adds the convenience to incorporating them into your everyday meals.

It’s less expensive

Your days of buying fruits and veggies at the grocery store are over. Planting them on your own is cost effective and can save you a little money each trip to the grocery store. It may not seem like a lot at first, but my guess is that over time the savings will add up and leave you with a little extra money in your wallet.

It’s something to do with a loved one

My mom and I have bonded a lot so far this summer through the time we spend together outside in the garden. Whether its with a spouse, a sibling, or even with your kids, gardening is something that can bring the family together. Its the perfect way to spend some quality time together while also being productive and enjoying the weather.

Now you might be thinking that you missed the prime growing season in the spring, but the truth is that there are a lot of crops you can plant through July and August that will last over the next couple of months into the cooler weather.

If you’re starting in July some good choices for you are broccoli, carrots, cucumbers, and kale. These crops will thrive well into the colder months. And if you’re starting out in August, you might want to focus on planting lettuce, peas, radish, and spinach.

However, no matter when you get the time to start up, there are crops that will be ideal for you when you’re ready. If you want some more info about gardening and what you should plant each month click here to learn more.

Hopefully I was able to give you a little inspiration here, happy gardening!

Update: Check out this website by Zacs Garden for info about what to grow in June!

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