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Roll ‘em: Groundwork! Flicks

Screening "Burden of Dreams" at Groundwork!

Screening “Burden of Dreams” at Groundwork!

We all try to keep the winter blues at bay and beat cabin fever this time of the year. There are many ways to do accomplish that, but perhaps the simplest is to gather in a huddle with friends in front of a screen and share the experience of watching a movie.

That was the simple idea behind launching Groundwork! Flicks back in January. And, quickly scheduling another movie screening for next Wednesday, Feb. 15. It’s also a no-brainer when many of your co-working colleagues are fellow cinephiles.

That’s how you can pull off running “Burden of Dreams,” a documentary about director Werner Herzog’s mad quest to film “Fitzcarraldo.” You’re assured of a lively discussion afterwards or the next day by the water cooler. (Yes – we have water cooler conversations at Groundwork!)

Sustaining Sea Scallops

Groundwork! Flicks are also an opportunity to further showcase the mad talents of our members and friends. Along with ‘Dreams,’ we watched a documentary by our own co-founder, Sarah Athanas called “Tracking Patagonia.” Next Wednesday’s feature is “Sustaining Sea Scallops” by regional filmmakers, UnderCurrent Productions.

We held the first movie night mostly to entertain ourselves. However, they are free and open to the public. So consider stopping by next Wednesday, Feb. 15 at 6:30 p.m. A Q & A with the filmmakers, Elise Hugus and Daniel Cojanu, will follow the screening of “Sustaining Sea Scallops.”

The Struggle for Independent Cinema

While the cultural offerings of New Bedford are vast for a city its size, there remains a huge gaping hole in the landscape. Incredibly, a city of over 95,000 people does not have its own cinema.

Groundwork! Flicks, Thursday night movies at Incognito bar and bistro on Acushnet Avenue, and special events like this Thursday’s premiere of Groundwork! Member Ben Gilbarg’s “The Struggle” at the New Bedford Whaling National Park serve to whet the appetite for an independent cinema venue in the city.

Given the rocket-like trajectory New Bedford is on these days, it probably won’t be long before a Cable Car Cinema or Jane Pickens Theater find a home here. In the meantime, grab some popcorn and come spend some time in the dark with us!

Steven Froias