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Ready to tame email and live outside your inbox?


Given the unique setting of our coworking space here at Groundwork, we often hear from our members how refreshing it is to work somewhere with minimal distractions. But whether you work from a coworking space, your home, an office, or even a spaceship, an overflowing inbox is a terrible commonality among us working folk. Dealing with it has become more of a burden than a priority, and it’s a killer for productivity.

Dig out!

Meet Margo Brown, of Wave Productivity. She’ll be stopping by Groundwork on Thursday, February 28th, for a lunchtime workshop – “Life Outside Your Inbox” – during which she will help you dig out of your inbox, and into a more productive work/life balance. Read on for a sneak peak at what will be covered during the workshop.

What is the most common challenge you hear when it comes to managing email?

That there is too much. Too many emails crowd our inboxes and it becomes overwhelming.

What can people expect to take away from your workshop?

  1. Understanding what you need to have a productive day is a topic that we tackle. This is a more holistic approach and is extremely important to having better days at work.
  2. There are several tips I’ll discuss in the workshop so that you can decrease email by 50%.
  3. We will look at ways you can create boundaries around email so that you can be more productive.

Marie Kondo, Star of the Netflix Series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo,” is helping people “spark joy” in their homes, by getting rid of unnecessary belongings. Will workshop attendees learn how to find similar satisfaction in their work lives, using some of your unique advice on getting organized?

When your email inbox and your office are organized it helps to keep you focused. Feeling in control of your space allows for great efficiency.

“Sparking joy” at home can be far different than “sparking joy” at work. Understanding and getting behind the values of your company will help drive you to have better days at work.

CLICK HERE for workshop details and registration. We hope to see you on February 28th!

Caitlin Joseph