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Portugal v. France!

1930SoccerteamNew Bedford is a great place to watch soccer – or football, if you prefer. Especially when Portugal is involved in a big match due to the fact that so many residents are of Portuguese ancestry. Because the city has a large number of folks of French or French-Canadian descent, too, this Sunday’s UEFA Euro 2016 promises to be a really good time. It begins at 3:00 p.m. and will be carried on ESPN.

Here are a few places I’ve been to watch soccer in the past few years beginning with the 2014 World Cup that I can recommend. I’m sure many readers may have their own favorites and feel free to share them in the comments section of this post on our Facebook page. I chose these three because they’re spread out over the city but are all conveniently located in case a reader or new Groundwork! member isn’t familiar with all of New Bedford (yet).

> Top Shelf Bar & Restaurant, 1825 Acushnet Avenue – Top Shelf looks a bit like a bunker from the outside but inside it’s warm and welcoming. A great bar, ample portions of food from a diverse barbecue and seafood menu and great staff make this a fun place to catch a game. I watched USA v. Portugal in the ’14 World Cup here and had a blast. Top Shelf attracts out-of-towners and locals and its fun, diverse crowd is part of its charm.

> Trio, 418 Rivet Street – This beautiful bar and restaurant overlooks Goulart Square – which itself exudes European ambiance. Housed in the building that was once-upon-a-time Thomas Department Store, you’ll feel right at home here watching the game.

> The Edge Seafood Restaurant & Bar, 1480 E. Rodney French Blvd. – Finally, down near the tip of New Bedford, this spot in the former Davy’s Locker not only has a great bar and menu but a terrific view of the water. I was here awhile back and snapped the feature photo above, which is on their wall. It’s of the 1930 U.S. World Cup soccer team which included one of New Bedford’s own – Arnie Duncan. Yeah – soccer fans will feel at home here!

> Bonus pick: The New Bedford Sports Club at 1790 Acushnet screams soccer – but I’ve never been so can’t adequately write about it! My goal for the weekend? To finally check out this authentic New Bedford space and watch UEFA Euro 2016 here! Look for a future report…

Steven Froias