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One year of entreprenuership on the SouthCoast

e_for_allTonight, a very special event takes place at Groundwork – and event which crystallizes the ethos behind the co-working facility and says a lot about its membership.

The event is the E for All Pitch Contest – and one year celebration of E for All being on the SouthCoast. E for All stands for Entrepreneurship for All and its mission is accelerating economic and social impact through entrepreneurship in mid-sized cities. They do this in a variety of ways, like tonight’s Pitch Contest but most importantly through intense mentoring “Accelerator” programs. After tonight’s Pitch Contest, they’ll begin gearing up for the Winter Accelerator Program; the deadline for entrepreneurs to apply is Oct. 25, 2016.

So, it’s a good time to take a look at the organization’s website and ensure that readers are acquainted with everything E for All offers to our area.

The first thing you’re greeted with on is the leadership team – because empowering leaders in our community is at the heart of what they do. Pictured are E for All’s Ambassador, Peter Karlson and two of our area’s most well-known and highly respected people – Executive Director Shelley Cardoos and Program Manager Jeremiah Hernandez.

Shelley and Jeremiah, with E for All, are important members of the Groundwork! membership. They truly practice what they believe and are constant sources of inspiration and activity here and throughout the community. As I mentioned, they are well-known! But if you haven’t had the pleasure, be sure to learn more about them on‘s “About Us” page.

The website is easy to navigate and, as you would expect, sharp and professional. An admirable mix of a non-profit, community-orientated site but with a business-minded backbone. You’ll find everything you need to learn about E for All programs here and also feel welcome. Rotating videos on the sidebar introduce browsers to actual E for All clients so that they learn about their success stories and experiences with the group. Also on the homepage, you can discover how you can get involved with the group as either a participating entrepreneur or mentor.

Mentors are important part of the E for All strategy for success. They “adopt” an aspiring business person and help shepherd them through the program, offering real-world advice. If you have some time, consider volunteering to be a mentor. It’s not only worthwhile, but as an added bonus you get to hang out at Groundwork! It’s where most if not all E for All events programs and events happen in the New Bedford area. (NOTE: The Fall River area is also covered by E for All Southcoast – and FYI, E for All began life in the Merrimack Valley area, as you can learn on the site.)

While this column is devoted to reviewing websites, the very best way to learn about any group is jumping right in. Take it from me – the site is great. Log on to find out everything you need to know about E for All including their roster of upcoming events and all social media links, etc.

But come by Groundwork! tonight for the one-year anniversary party and Pitch Contest! It starts at 6:00 p.m. and about 20 aspiring entrepreneurs will be there to share their ideas and dream with you for the next couple of hours.

You can skip dinner; there will be free pizza – and cake, too! (RSVP here).

Steven Froias