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“Notworking” in High Heels

On_Lower_UnionEvery month, Groundwork! members and friends, along with the folks from Civic Support, get together for a “Business Buzz” we humorously call “Notworking.”

Sure, you can schmooze and network; talk about yourself or your business; and even invite clients to come along for the night.

But mostly, it’s about hanging out together and having some fun.

Each month, a different venue is usually chosen – but some favorites get rotated in more often. Like this month’s venue, Pier 37.

I love this place. It’s down on lower Union Street – 37, of course – one of the most beautiful blocks in the city. It exudes a graceful maritime flavor enhanced by a recent streetscape overhaul and some cool surrounding businesses – both old and new.

Towards the east you’ll find The New Bedford Tattoo Parlor – the place for ink. I’m not a tattoo person – I assure readers, my heiney is as bald and shiny as the day I was born – but love the artistry you find here.

To the west of Pier 37 is a New Bedford original – Kruger Bros. Ship Supply. The building is still somewhat in use even though the business appears not to be at this point. Still, its iconic, simple sign and shingled exterior scream “Down to the Sea in Ships.”

And smack dab in the middle of these two joints is Pier 37.

We had a great time at a previous Business Buzz held here in the spring – that magic month of May when it was finally nice enough to bring your beer or cocktail outside and sip it at a sidewalk cafe table on this quaint block.

Pier 37 is sleek and mysterious inside – a perfect waterfront watering hole. Owner Eddy Yedlin has created a warm ambiance inside complimented by an eclectic new American cuisine menu and some imaginative drink specials. The place comes alive late nights but is a perfect hide-a-way during the early evening.

It also brings some funk to the city with its monthly Drag Brunches. Curiously, for such and artistic and creative small city, New Bedford’s gay community is muted. So Pier 37’s hint of pink is all the more welcome and adds some excitement to a quiet LGBTQ scene.

So, whether you wear a dress for life or just for fun, or plan to stick with pants and shorts, come on down to the Business Buzz “Notworking” evening this Wednesday and join us all for a few drinks and nibbles beginning at 6:00 p.m.

And, if you do choose to ship out to sea, you can get provisioned and tatted on lower Union before you go!

Steven Froias