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The New Bedford Bookfest list


When making like Santa and determining who has been naughty and who has been nice this year, we’d be remiss not to bring to your attention the authors of the New Bedford Bookfest.

We’re not sure whether they are indeed naughty or nice – but we do feel strongly that books make perfect gifts for the saints and sinners on your gift list. And though the next New Bedford Bookfest won’t happen until March, 2017, many of the writers you met here at Groundwork at the Spring and Fall bookfests this past year have their work available for sale locally or online.

For Pet Lovers…

Like Lori Bradley – who actually has just seen her first book published. Today, Sunday, Dec. 11, you can pick up a copy of Dogs are better than people at the Millicent Holiday Book Fair. It’s held from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at the Millicent Library in Fairhaven. You can also find Lori’s homage to animal activism on, too.

New Bedford history

Spinner Publications wonderful local history books make a fantastic gift. I know because I was fortunate enough to receive A Picture History of New Bedford, Vol. I last year under the tree! You can find them locally at Subtext Book Shop, 209 Union Street. And FYI, they have a selection of ebooks available, too! Here’s the link. (TIP: While at Subtext, look for books by many of the authors you met at the bookfests.)

For Children…

Dartmouth school teacher Kathleen Souza-Pontes worked with a former pupil to illustrate her beautiful children’s book, August Skies. Buy it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and more here.

Seaside Dreams by Janet Costa Bates celebrates grandma’s birthday – and the carries the aroma of Cape Verdean cuisine with it! See buying options via Janet’s GoodRead page here.

Digital & Audiobooks

Author Steven Manchester not only has a full selection of his books available on iTunes, he also has some nice choices for sale as audiobooks. That list includes his critical smash, The Changing Season. See them all here.

Line Art

Tim Svenonius brought his Book of Lost Latitudes with him to the New Bedford Bookfest all the way from San Francisco this past October. Fortunately, he left a few copies of the beautifully, pen & ink illustrated valentine to whales and whaling behind at Hippo, 741 Union Street, where you can purchase it for friends and family.

Domesticated Primate publishers, featuring the words and art of local writers like Nick LeBlanc and Meaggsy Bogues, also has a sweet set-up at Hippo.

You can peruse the entire list of 2016 New Bedford Bookfest authors here – and stay tuned for exciting news about the ‘17 bookfest via this blog soon!

Steven Froias