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On the Menu in New Bedford Now

This week’s New Bedford Now briefing hits close to home – because I’m happy to share the news that myself and Sarah Athanas, working together as Twin Fish, and in partnership with the New Bedford Economic Development Council, are launching the city’s first RESTAURANT WEEK this September, 2018.

The Love The Ave & North End Restaurant Week will happen from Saturday, Sept. 15 through Friday, September 21. Pull up a chair, grab a fork, and come hungry.

Restaurant Weeks are a terrific vehicle to showcase a city or region’s unique cuisine – and as we all know, New Bedford’s diverse dishes are satisfying and savory. Renowned for fresh seafood, Portuguese and increasingly, Latin American flavor, the city is indeed Destination New Bedford when it comes to dining.

During a restaurant week, eateries break out the good china, so to speak. Specials, signature dishes and discounts define the seven days and thus the establishments. And, then the city.

New Bedford’s first Restaurant Week is centered on and around Acushnet Avenue for a reason. It’s genesis was in the Love The Ave committee, a community group dedicated to revitalizing the commercial corridor which I call New Bedford’s most relentlessly urban space.

So, to help promote Restaurant Week, the group will finally be getting something it has needed for some time – its own website, In the process of fostering business development with the Restaurant Week, the North End will then be left with a resource to showcase itself into the future, too.

This week, the site and first rush of publicity for the Love The Ave & North End Restaurant Week get rolled out – and followers of Groundwork get the first look courtesy of this blog.

From now until mid-July, we’ll be lining up all the terrific bakeries, eateries and restaurants along Acushnet Avenue and throughout parts of the North End and then packaging them all together to publicize like crazy from later July through September.

You can read all about it soon on

Below is the first official Press Release for the event, going out to all media in the region this week.

Sarah and I, working from right here in Groundwork, hope you’re excited as we are to get a taste of what makes all of New Bedford tasty. Join us in the months ahead as we plot our course – make that three or four courses – up and down and all around Acushnet Avenue, New Bedford.


Restaurant Week comes to Acushnet Avenue and North End in September

Pull up a chair, grab a fork, and come hungry.

The City of New Bedford’s first Restaurant Week launches this September, 2018. It will feature the diverse menus of what some regard as the city’s Restaurant Row.

That’s the commercial corridor Acushnet Avenue, the heart of the North End and affectionately called “The Ave” in the City of New Bedford. This vibrant space pulses from Coggeshall Street to Lunds Corner.

Additionally, eateries from Belleville Avenue to the east and Ashley Boulevard to the west will join in this special week of gastric delight from Saturday, September 15 through Friday, September 21, 2018.

It’s a week to showcase the culinary flavor of New Bedford’s North End,  home to some of the city’s most beloved bakeries, eateries, and restaurants.

From fine dining to casual noshing, Acushnet Avenue and the North End boast an impressive array of savory cultures: American, Chinese, French, Guatemalan, Peruvian, Portuguese, Mexican and Spanish dishes are all on the menu here.

During Restaurant Week, participating eateries can feature price fixe menus, promote special discounts, highlight signature dishes and offer entertainment. It’s their choice – and their moment to showcase their kitchens.

All of these special Restaurant Week happenings will be posted to the website,, launched as part of this special event.

Restaurant Week is being organized by the content media firm, Twin Fish, LLC out of the Groundwork! coworking space in partnership with the New Bedford Economic Development Council (NBEDC) and the community group, Love The Ave – with enthusiastic support from Mayor Jon Mitchell’s office and various city departments.

The Love The Ave group, overseen by the NBEDC, the Department of Planning, Housing and Community Development and the  Community Economic Development Center (CEDC), located at 1285 Acushnet Avenue, is committed to revitalizing the area while empowering its diverse population.

“The Avenue’s many delicious dining spots are its greatest commercial and human asset,” says Steven Froias, a member of the Love The Ave community group. “They all bring distinction to this wonderfully funky, relentlessly urban space in New Bedford.”

Establishments that would like to participate in Restaurant Week can sign up directly There is no cost to participate. It is everyone’s wish that these terrific small businesses seize the opportunity to put North End dining on the Destination New Bedford map.

Eateries in the Restaurant Week area, along Acushnet Avenue from Coggeshall Street to Lunds Corner and from Ashley Boulevard to Belleville Avenue, can also contact Steven Froias and Sarah Athanas, the Twin Fish team, at with any questions. They will be reaching out to owners and managers between now and July 15, too.

After the full line-up has been created, Restaurant Week will be promoted through special blog posts to, its Facebook page (, posters, postcards and advertising throughout the city and region.

Acushnet Avenue is New Bedford’s International Marketplace. In recognition of this, Twin Fish has designed to be read in English, Portuguese and Spanish. It will read the settings on web browsers and switch between languages – or, you can click on the flag representing each at the top of the site.

Many of the cultures found around Acushnet Avenue and the North End are represented by their food and the places that serve it.

“A Restaurant Week is a great way to literally bring everyone to the table. It’s a meaningful economic development tool that is also culturally enriching,” says Angela Johnston, Director of Business Development for the NBEDC.

Mark your calendar now for the Love The Ave and North End Restaurant Week, Saturday, September 15 through Friday, September 21, 2017.

And remember to come hungry.

Steven Froias