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Meet our community manager: Caitlin Joseph

Caitlin and her son

Caitlin and her son, Easton.

Like her predecessor Renee, Caitlin Joseph comes to Groundwork with a long list of fans and friends. Some readers may know Caitlin for her work at the South Coast Chamber, or more recently as a personal trainer at Boutique Fitness.

Caitlin brings a unique combination of experiences to the Community Manager role. From work in news and media publications,  to planning complex events, to motivating people to reach their fitness goals, she’s definitely got the mix of skills a good community manager needs.  And it’s clear from her first couple of days on the job that she’s got the empathy and emotional intelligence to connect with the different personalities that make up our community.

We’re looking forward to seeing what Caitlin brings to Groundwork. Read more about her experiences and what she brings to her new role:

What led you here? Give us a short summary of your life journey up to this point.

Born and raised in Fairhaven, MA, I grew to love this area from a young age. After high school, I moved to Providence, RI to attend Johnson & Wales University, where I obtained a degree in Marketing Communications, and also met my husband. We now reside in New Bedford with our son, and two daschunds. We are a very active family and enjoy running, surfing, paddle boarding, yoga, weightlifting, hiking, skateboarding, and kayaking. My work experience has included some time in publications (magazines and newspaper), as well as marketing and events, and most recently a career in personal training where I was truly able to help people find their strengths and get out of their comfort zones to reach their goals. This is something I truly enjoy helping people to achieve, not just from a fitness standpoint, but in life in general.

Caitlin Joseph and family

Caitlin with her son and husband.

Your experience includes media and advertising, programming events at the Chamber of Commerce, and personal training in the fitness world. What are some things you’ve learned working in different environments?

The most important lesson I’ve learned from my previous work experience, is that people want to feel a sense of belonging and importance on their journey. Whether it’s a professional journey, a personal journey, or maybe just the journey they’re on that day to complete a laundry list of tasks. We all seek that sense of community, to help us achieve those goals, and don’t want to feel so alone while doing it. It’s been a pleasure in each of my roles to help people do just that!

While managing programs and events for the Chamber, I was able to really get a sense for the local business communities growth, and enjoyed networking with members from many different industries, that all shared the common goal/vision – improving the SouthCoast.

In addition to that, while working at Boutique Fitness as a personal trainer, I was able to help people reach goals on a more personal level. Not only was I thrilled to be a part of the journey in helping clients to reach their physical goals, but I also loved assisting them in becoming more involved and active among the dynamic community of coaches and clients. We live and work among a community of overwhelmingly talented and inspiring individuals. I love being a part of connecting those individuals.

What excites you about working at Groundwork?

I’m so excited to get to know our members, and all of the amazing things they are working on. I really look forward to networking and getting involved in all of our upcoming events, to get a sense of what’s next for New Bedford (and the SouthCoast as a whole).

What inspires you right now? What are you listening to, watching, and reading?

My son is my biggest inspiration. He is just one year old, and he has taught me more about life than I ever imagined possible, in such a short amount of time. He has an eye for adventure and curiosity, which has truly refreshed my outlook on life. His excitement for EVERYTHING outdoors, and the pure joy he emits when he sees my husband and I – and also donuts :) – is enough to verify that there is so much out there to be excited about.

I am currently reading “You Are a Badass” By Jen Sincero. Talk about a jolt of inspiration! It’s a must read, and a great resource for tips on being more productive and just achieving the life goals that you maybe never knew you had in mind. It’s all about digging a little deeper.

Caitlin's dogs

The family tree, and dogs!

What skills or experience are you looking forward to sharing with our members?

I love connecting people, and writing. I look forward to doing both as the Community Manager. I’m excited to help members expand their networks, and maybe to step a bit outside of their comfort zones to connect with some new people and businesses in the community. The SouthCoast has so much to offer!

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