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Me & Joselyn – Live onstage!

I feel like a brave man this week. Because I’m sharing the stage with the one and only Joselyn Feliciano.

Some folks reading this probably know of Joselyn from her often intense, frequently hilarious and slightly dangerous live poetry or story-telling readings. Joselyn is terrific in front of a live audience – but you sometimes aren’t quite sure where you’re going to end up once you begin to follow her.

Fortunately – for me – we won’t be doing any sort of reading together. Instead, we’ll both be on a panel discussing the arts in New Bedford during this month’s AHA! New Bedford night on Thursday, March 8 beginning at 7:00 p.m. in the Zeiterion Theatre’s Penler space.

And we’ll have company. It will be Steven and Joselyn and Jerry and Don and Nicole.

Sounds like a ‘70s swingers movie. But it won’t be be. Instead we promise a serious and thorough discussion about New Bedford arts. With all these original minds together, it promises to swing anyway.

Jerry is Jerry Boggs – the editor of Coastin’, distributed every Thursday in The Standard-Times. It’s where my weekly State of the Arts column is published.

It’s also where Don Wilkinson’s art reviews are published, and he’s the Don. Nicole is St. Pierre, artist and former owner of Gallery 65 on William.

Jerry, Don and myself met to map out a plan this past Saturday. We met in earnest and purpose – at the Pour Farm Tavern. Over IPAs and Porters, we began the discussion so that it will have some structure this Thursday evening – if not suds.

The arts in New Bedford is a pretty broad subject, but with Don’s long memory, my anarchist zeal, Nicole’s sense of propriety and Joselyn’s off-kilter but spot-on eye, we’re certain to make some headway into the subject. Jerry gets to make like Dick Cavett.

So, please join us all live onstage for a thoroughly engaging hour or more of conversation and perhaps sparkling wit as we whip through the years from the Swain School of Design to public art on Acushnet Avenue for a wild ride through the arts in New Bedford.


  • AHA! New Bedford is downtown’s monthly, every second Thursday Arts, History and Architecture happening. All events are free and open to the public. I’d link to the complete line-up of events happening on Thurs. March 8, but after reading the above why would you want to be anywhere else but at the Z’s Penler Space at the corner of Purchase and Spring Streets at 7:00 p.m.!
Steven Froias