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Groundwork! in 5 Words

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What comes to mind when you think of Groundwork!? Is it the beautiful space or the artwork displayed in the gallery? Or maybe some of your co-workers good friends you get to see everyday? From interning here the last few months, I’ve gained an understanding of what Groundwork! is all about. These are the first five words that came to mind for me, what about you?


Groundwork! gives our members a relaxed environment to go to get work done. Being in a co-working environment lets you feed off the energy of others and can make you feel more productive, motivated, and in your zone.


You can see from the artwork displayed in the Gallery that Groundwork! promotes creativity, self-expression, and imagination. Working in such an incredible space allows for you to gain inspiration from others and from your environment


Working side by side with people who share the same goals and purpose as you encourages a sense of community. Developing friendships and making connections that go beyond the workplace create a sense of family; you know you will always have someone to turn to and a place where you belong.


Plain and simple, Groundwork! makes working fun! Whether it be taking a break and playing ping pong, attending after-hour events, or just sharing laughs with the people around you, Groundwork! brings an extra sense of enjoyment to the typical work day.


Groundwork! is making small improvements every day! Incorporating what members want along with gaining new members in general, we are expanding and blooming, and only time will tell where we end up.


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