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Announcing Groundwork’s very own podcast! (and a sneak preview)


I’m super excited to announce that 2017 will bring a new addition to the Groundwork! media empire: the Ground Control podcast. Dena and I are teaming up with everyone’s favorite blogger, Steven Froias, to bring you supreme audio content about all the things that make our community awesome: New Bedford pride, entrepreneurship, creativity, and kick-ass women.

Check out the pilot episode, in which Steven interviews Dena and I on one year of running a coworking space: lessons learned and ideas for the future.

Here’s what you can look forward to in 2017:

Celebrating the Pushy Women of New Bedford

My segment, Pushy Women, will feature conversations with women in our community about everything from fashion, to wage equality, to entrepreneurship, and more.

Exploring the Creative Muse

Dena will embark on a series of conversations about creativity: how do we seek it, maintain it, and re-invent it in our professional and personal lives?

Telling Stories of New Bedford, Past and Future

Steven will go deep into our community, conversing with historians, visionaries, neighbors, and everyone in between to tell the story of New Bedford as it unfolds before us.

Sound awesome? We think so. We will be featuring lots of Groundwork! members as guests, as well as members of our extended community. If you have an idea or would like to be a guest, shoot us an email. This podcast is all about you.

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