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Coworking – and Playing – in 2017

Some common themes emerge as we look back at 2017 via the Groundwork! Facebook page, Instagram and blog.

First – coworkers like to eat! From pie contests to potlucks to impromptu birthday celebrations, food and drink is in ample supply whether we’re home at 1213 Purchase Street or away.

Another is a love of the outdoors – especially the beautiful South Coast region.

Finally, a palpable love of community and New Bedford leaps off the laptop screen in post after post.

You’d think that with all the eating, drinking, boating, hiking, cycling, dancing, celebrating or hitting the road, Groundworkers wouldn’t have much time to do any actual work!

But, we’re an ambitious lot and individually our members are leaders or up-and-comers in their respective fields. The hard work just doesn’t make it into our Facebook feed that often!

Maybe because a photo of someone staring intently at their laptop isn’t all that compelling. When we’re at play, however, the camera phones get quite a workout.

So join us below for a slideshow as we relive some favorite off-hours memories from 2017 in and out of Groundwork! Memories that collectively define us as a coworking family – a funky bunch in an equally funky little city.  

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Steven Froias