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Cold Brew How-To

Coffee and coworking go together like PB&J. There’s never a shortage of this go-fuel here at Groundwork, and we are lucky enough to get our supply locally from Coastal Roasters, an amazing little shop right up the road in Tiverton, RI. The member favorite here is the Americas roast, a rich and dark Guatemalan French roast, and we simply can’t get enough of it.

As the temps outside rise, we make sure to keep a batch cold in the fridge for the iced coffee lovers too. But aside from a standard hot or iced cup, so many of our regulars are avid coffee drinkers and love to geek out on the various techniques there are to brew and enjoy it.

French Press takes the cake!

This week we hosted a little cold brew coffee demo and tasting, and polled members on their favorite brewing techniques. Among the favorites were the French press, Aeropress, immersion, Moka, and instant coffee (haha, very funny).

For the demo and tasting, I used my tried and true cold brew Coffee Sock set up. The easy to follow recommended instructions they provide for brewing are fool proof and always result in the perfect cup-a-jo. Depending on how strong you like your coffee, you may choose to dilute the resulting concentrate that this technique produces. But this batch proved to be pleasantly strong with little to no acidic after taste, and the crowd was pleased! I offered it straight up, or with almond milk and simple syrup for those seeking more of an iced latte type beverage. Needless to say, the whole batch was gone shortly after the demo.

Where to get cold brew on the South Coast

No time to make your own cold brew? Plenty of local shops are offering theirs on a daily basis throughout the summer. A few member favorites – Mission Cold Brew, The Baker, Green Bean, and Scuttlebutt Coffee which you’ll find at Cultivator Shoals for a pop-up tomorrow from 7am-12pm and at the Wesport Farmer’s Market on Saturdays through the summer.

Caitlin Joseph