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Best Ice Cream in the Southcoast Area

There are countless amazing ice cream places in the Southcoast area to visit this summer, but if you need some help narrowing them down, I got your back.

 Salvador's Ice Cream

3. Salvador’s Ice Cream

Starting with number three, our first contender is none other than Salvador’s Ice Cream in South Dartmouth. Let me first say that this place has been around forever; since 1936 to be exact. With that many years of experience, you know that this place knows what they’re doing when it comes to ice cream! With a large menu of different flavors, toppings, and sundaes (not to mention food and drinks), it is the perfect destination for a sweet treat this summer. Be sure to stop by and try a dish of the Maine Lobster Tracks, or perhaps the Chocolate Rainforest Crunch.

Wood's Farm

2. Wood’s Farm

Next up on our list is definitely a favorite in this area—Wood’s Farm in Westport. Now I’m sure you’ve heard of this place before, but if not, let me tell you why it’s as good as they say. Wood’s Farm is always switching up the menu; they create limited edition flavors left and right! You need to head over ASAP if you want to try the Snickers, Birthday Cake, or Sea Salt Caramel Malt. If not, their long list of permanent flavors is more than enough to suffice your sweet cravings this summer. Not to mention, the kids will love seeing all the animals. You definitely need to check this one out!

Acushnet Creamery 2

1. Acushnet Creamery

Now this may be a little biased since I grew up in Acushnet myself, but no other ice cream place can top Acushnet Creamery. With over 50 flavors of homemade ice cream, yogurts, and sherbets, the creamery’s unique menu has something to offer for everyone—from a simple cone to an outrageous banana split. When you walk in, the smell of homemade waffle cones alone is enough to make your mouth water. The family environment the creamery creates is a reflection of the tight-knit community Acushnet is itself. No doubt about it, this is a must for the family this summer!

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