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WFH is great, but here’s why you need coworking

WFH woman with two children playing in the background, who could use the benefits of coworking.
Having a hard time focusing when you WFH?

When I moved back home from Buenos Aires several years ago, I stayed with my parents to re-establish myself. During that time, I was designing and building websites for a couple of clients. Space for an office was limited in my parents’ house, so I used my mom’s sewing closet. I moved the sewing machine aside to make a space for my laptop, and sat there hunched over amidst piles of clothes.

I remember one day that I was on a tense call with a client trying to explain why I couldn’t move something “up two pixels” on a responsive webpage. Suddenly I heard, from far away, my mom’s voice calling me: “Sarah! Sarah!” Surely she remembered that I was working?


I heard the footsteps coming up the stairs. Surely, if the door was closed to the sewing closet, she would realize I was working.

The door bursts open and my mom barges in.


Feeling like a teenager all over again, I cover the phone and whip around in my chair.

“I’m working,” I hiss.

Apparently, closed doors are not sufficient boundaries between home and work.

Coworking is good for our self-esteem

Does the above story sound at all familiar? Replace “mom” with kids, dog, partner, roommate, or the interruption of your choice and I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there.

To have a client call interrupted by mom was a blow to my self-esteem at a fragile moment in my life. In my battle with imposter syndrome, the imposter was winning.

I wanted to feel good about myself and my work, and stealing a corner in the house where nobody actually understands or respects your work boundaries wasn’t cutting it.

I needed a place where people respected me and saw me as an equal professional.

Image of Groundwork coworking space with man on computer in foreground.
At my coworking space I am among professionals, so I feel less like an imposter.

Coworking can improve your work life and your home life

This is the beauty of coworking: you can have your own space that is close to home but not at home. When I come to Groundwork, I’m here to work. I have colleagues who I look forward to seeing.

I feel good about what I do and where I spend my day, and I feel professional. The daily connection with peers motivates me to work smarter.

Most importantly, when I go home I’m happy to be there. I look forward to kicking back, connecting with my partner, and leaving work behind for the evening.

Are you ready to improve your work life and your home life? Check out the membership options available here at Groundwork. And if you’re the kind of person who struggles to focus in open space, we have private offices available to rent by the month or just for a day. Even just one day a week at a coworking space can make a huge difference in how you feel about your work and your life. Trust me on this one.

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