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YOUR WEEKEND: A civic-minded and civil Super Bowl


I called it the “devastating loss” and I still think Bill Belichick should reimburse me for the Amtrak ticket.

It was 2008 and I was living on the Jersey Shore. But, I resisted the peer pressure to go Big Blue. I remained a loyal Patriots fan. Yeah – I don’t really give two hoots for (American) football anyway. And, it was mostly to atone for the great sin of becoming a Yankees fan. But nonetheless I made the trip to New England for the Patriots vs. Giants Super Bowl…

And they lost. It was devastating.

Or so I said to console everyone around me that night. In reality, I slept well knowing I was going back to be with the winners early the next morning.

I realize not everyone is so cavalier regarding the Pats – and the Super Bowl. So what else could YOUR WEEKEND be this week but a celebration of this great gladiatorial contest?

To help me out, I asked fellow Groundwork members to weigh in. First, I asked them where they like to watch the big game best.

And for the non-believers, I wondered what they did while all around them were losing their minds on Super Bowl Sunday.

Civic Support for a buffet

Shonna Ryan of Civic Support was all in – and provided some really useful info. She gets the lion’s share of this post and is MVP of Super Bowl 51 already, in my opinion.

Shonna wrote back to me, “I’m a huge football fan! Personally I like watching the game at home or at a friend’s house. It’s more comfortable, you spend less money, and you can focus on the game better.”

Shonna noted the culinary aspect of hosting a Super Bowl party – and sent these suggestions for food along:

  • All Friends Smokehouse in Westport: For those who don’t like to cook, you can pre-order party platters of Texas style BBQ.
  • Ma Raffa’s New Bedford: Another fun option for those who don’t plan to cook– they have party size servings of game day favorites like chicken tenders and meatballs.
  • The Butcher Shop in New Bedford: They also do party platters, but in addition they have delicious cuts of meat if you’re planning on doing your own BBQ and want to wow your friends.
  • Westport Meats: Small selection, but very fresh meat for those who want to up their BBQ selection on game day.

Keeping it civil & civilized

Artreprenuer Tracy Barbosa of Duende Glass LLC went in the opposite direction. “If I watch the Bowl, it’s fun to watch at a nice hotel bar! Lots of transients and plush couches and good food and drink,” she wrote, conjuring up a sophisticated vision of a W hotel lobby. Plus, she noted, “it tends to stay polite and lighthearted.”

Then  again, she just may take a walk in the Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust woods to enjoy the “amplified silence.” And maybe spot a falcon.

Prepared for a devastating loss

Finally, Jeremiah Hernandez of SouthCoast Entrepreneurship for All (E for All) simply responded, “I usually go where I feel comfortable crying in the case ‘my team’ loses.” But, I think he’s just pulling my leg. He’s harder to read than Belichick sometimes.

Steven Froias