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What Are You Working On Today?


Walking into Groundwork! you’re entering into possibly the most fun and creative work zone you’ve ever seen. Groundwork! is the beehive and all of our members are the busy little bees, each keeping busy and carrying out their jobs each day. However, we also know how to relax and have fun throughout the day too. What are our members all working on though? With such a diverse group of people, I thought it would be interesting to walk around and see what’s up with everyone and what they’ve been working on.

Most days I work right across from Ray. I enjoy the brief conversations we have when our eyes meet over our computer screens, but I’ve never asked him what he’s doing. When I asked Ray what he was working on, he told me that he is working on getting a software product ready for market. Short and sweet, I let him continue on with his work.

Next I made my way over to where Scott was working. When I asked him what he was working on, his answer was a little more complex. Scott told me that he was working on creating a WordPress plug-in. He further explained that this plug-in will act as an add-on to one they already have, and it will allow other develoIMG_3227pers to query their content (in other words it will make it easier to grab what you want).

I ended up sitting down with Brandon who works with two other interns in the space. When I asked him what he’s working on, he told me that he and the other interns have been conducting simulations for items almost like shipping containers in order to verify they would be treated as such on a ship, and ensuring they are qualified to do so. This explains the hard work I see all three interns putting in every single day.

After speaking with Brandon, I circled my way over to Adam. He told me that he was working on creating an iPhone app for Style Me Pretty. Although the app is in its beginning stages, he gave me the gist of it by telling me the app would allow for people to find wedding vendors in their area, and they will be able find photos and posts using different tags.

I made it back to my spot and turned to my left to ask Sarah what she’s woIMG_3228rking on. She told me she was in the middle of creating an email newsletter for one of her clients.

A little while later Shelley and Jeremiah arrived. They are always laughing and having a great time while they work, so I asked them what they were doing today. Shelley replied, “I’m writing big checks” (I could tell that much) and Jeremiah said he was working on scouting out some judges, both doing work for a pitch contest they are holding.

Overall, I was able to learn a little bit more about my fellow members and get a glance into what goes on during a typical work day for them. Despite their different professions, each member at Groundwork! is hard-working and super smart. I love working side-by-side with them throughout the week, as they never fail to make me smile.


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