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YOUR WEEKEND: Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Welcome to a special edition of YOUR WEEKEND – an expanded definition of the days to include a Thanksgiving Survival Guide.

Many of us travel or receive guests over the coming week. As much as it’s wonderful to spend time with friends and even family, it’s good to have a coping strategy in place and some practical tips on hand for both. But before we get to either, you can’t go wrong with taking a time-out from the whole business before it even begins and having a laugh.

Fortunately, on FRIDAY, NOV. 18, New Bedford’s favorite comedian, Chris Swanson of The Ropeworks artist condo building in the north end heads downtown to Gallery X on William Street to host another edition of COMEDY X. Chris writes that the show will be huge – maybe even ‘HUUUUGGE!” We have no reason to doubt him; at $10 and stocked with a gaggle of first-rate comics, it’s the best entertainment bargain short of your monthly Netflix charge.

It will put you in the proper frame of mind to deal with the coming week – especially if, like so many, you’re traveling over Thanksgiving. And if you are, here are some tips you won’t find in the guide books.

1) Traveling by Amtrak? Most folks in our area blast out of Providence, RI when riding the rails. It’s a fine little train station but heed my advice: Go before go. It also has the filthiest bathrooms I’ve encountered in a transportation facility. And I’ve frequented the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York on a regular basis!

2) Whether you are taking Amtrak or flying out of T. F. Green or Logan Airports, to get there. They boast an environment-friendly fleet and a range of transportation options in our area – which isn’t always the easiest place to escape from.

3) Peter Pan bus operates out of Mos Eisley, um, the SRTA terminal downtown New Bedford – and it will get you to New York City just fine. But Megabus leaves from the Dattco terminal in Fairhaven at a big savings and they have better Wi-Fi on their buses.

4) If you’re traveling by car, you’re beyond redemption so I have no advice.

So that’s the 411 if you’re born to run. If you’re staying put, here’s some survival tips to get you through the week:

1) The bar at Cafe Portugal at 1280 Acushnet Avenue opens at 10:00 a.m. weekdays. ‘Nuf said.

2) If you’re challenged in the kitchen or a single, work-orientated person, stop by The Farmer’s Market – also on Acushnet Avenue – for a home-baked pie. “We feature delicious freshly prepared Savory and Sweet Pies made with locally sourced ingredients,” they write – and which I can second. (Psst…Take it it out of the box and put it on a plate before bringing it with you to Thanksgiving dinner and tell everyone you made it yourself!)

3) If you’re hosting family and friends at your place, be sure to log out of your YouTube account on your Roku before switching on your TV. It could prove embarrassing for everyone to discover how much time you spend watching crazy cat videos on streaming TV. Throw the PBS app up before your guests arrive to project a more erudite image of yourself.

4) If you need to get around in the city without wheels on Thanksgiving, you are mostly out of luck. “SRTA will provide holiday Demand Response service and no fixed route service on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday, November 24).” Groundwork! members can, however, opt to borrow the Groundwork Cruiser to get to dinner on time.

That’s it. Happy Thanksgiving and good luck!

Steven Froias