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YOUR WEEKEND: Carl in concert; Sarah goes to the mat; and more…

Don’t tie yourself into knots

SATURDAY, APRIL 29 – This annual event always piqued my interest – and last year, I finally got to check it out. R & W Rope is one of those unique New Bedford businesses with a specialized scope and reputation for quality. Today, you can discover both at ROPEFEST, held at the company headquarters at 39 Tarklin Place (off Church Street) from 8:00am until 4:00pm. “It’s a demo day, instructional, fair, and huge sale — all rolled into one fantastic event,” they write. Some of the many demonstrations, exhibitions, promotions and tutorials include:

– Splicing, winch maintenance, and hardware inspection tutorials from the R&W Rope – Rigging Solutions team

– Rock climbing and outdoor product demos from R&W Rope Outdoors staff

– Decorative knot tying exhibition

– Climbing wall for all ages

– Arborist and tree cutting demonstration

– Lifesaving and rescue demonstration from Boston Fire Department trainers

– Children’s paracord crafts

– Free food and refreshments

– Gift Certificate and gift bag giveaways

It all adds up to fun (and 20-40% off a lot merchandise for the day!) Find out more about R & W on their website.

World-famous in four acts

SATURDAY, APRIL 29 – The Collective NB is back at Gallery X (169 William Street) tonight with one of their world-famous 24-hour Projects. In case you missed the world-famous part, here’s the 411: You’ll get to see four brand new shows that have been written, cast, and rehearsed in all under 24 hours. And, there are two chances to see them. “We’ll do a normal run at 7:00pm,” The Collective tells theatre-goers on their event page, “and then have a stumble through at 9:00pm…and we never know what’s going to happen at a stumble through! It’s a $10 suggested donation, and a BYOB night.

The Resistance will be filmed

SATURDAY, APRIL 29 – Grassroots Renaissance man, Carl Simmons comes in off the streets of New Bedford tonight to perform at No Problemo (813 Purchase Street) at 10:00pm. As listeners of this Ground Control podcast may remember, Carl is a man and a musician – and he’ll be bringing both skills to the stage tonight in a benefit performance to raise money for the New Bedford Free Public Library DVD collection. He’ll be joined by N X Nes and Anthony Savino in concert and the donation is $5. Resistance films on the wish list include: The Weather Underground; How to Survive a Plague; The Stonewall Uprising; and Freedom Riders (among others).

Yoga for the masses!

SUNDAY, APRIL 30 – Groundwork! co-founder Sarah Athanas gets out of the co-working office this afternoon to lead the first in a four-week FREE series of Yoga classes at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater New Bedford. Start the stretch at 1:00pm and bring your own mat. Sarah writes that she, “will be teaching a Forrest-inspired style geared towards beginners that will feel great for everyone.” The Boys & Girls Club is located at 166 Jenney Street in the city’s West End. Follow New Bedford Wellness Initiative to stay in the loop; attend class to bend yourself into one.

Buttonwood Park Drum Circle

SUNDAY, APRIL 30 – New on my radar this week is a  weekly Drum Circle and Community Hang-out at Buttonwood Park. Details are as follows: An informal community gathering where you can bring or try out an instrument, hang out and listen, socialize, enjoy the beautiful park, dance, draw, take pictures, try out the slack line, play some capoeira or practice tai chi, participate in and contribute to community building, and have fun!” From 2:00pm until sunset – look for the group by the playground. Follow them on Facebook here.

Steven Froias