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The Last Weekend

Faithful readers! This is the final YOUR WEEKEND for awhile.

The world isn’t ending, North Korea (or the White House) hasn’t gone nuclear, and the streets are still unpaved in New Bedford. So no worries; Hell hasn’t frozen over.

It’s just that we’re switching up the format of the blog posts here at Groundwork over the summer. Instead of a weekly round-up of events, yours truly will be writing a New Bedford Now weekly status report featuring all sorts of goodies beginning next week.

For events, we recommend following the Coastin’ Facebook group, which you can join here.

So, until the mood strikes again, let’s enjoy our last YOUR WEEKEND together…


FRIDAY, MAY 18 – Duende – an exhibition by Tracy Barbosa, opens tonight right here at Groundwork! The artist writes, “Traditionally meant to describe dance and music, “Duende” describes an artful moment which cannot be recaptured. It is fleeting, searing, and poetic. Though glass is static, it is in constant flux with its location. Light and color play with glass all day. No moment is ever the same. Hence the namesake of her glass studio practice.” The multi-media show’s reception, free and open to the public tonight from 6:00-9:00 p.m., features work that “utilizes peripheral post-industrial landscapes along with an alphabet of personal archetypal imagery to create paintings on canvas and glass which stir the inner relationships between man, memory, and nature.”

Belly Dance

SATURDAY, MAY 19 – Carabiner’s Climbing & Fitness hosts “Fundamentals of Belly Dance” today from 1:00-3:00 p.m. “What is Belly Dance?” they ask. “During this two hour workshop, we will explore fundamental movements of Middle Eastern dance as well as the movement’s regional variation,” they reply. This workshop is beginner oriented, however all levels of experience are welcomed to join and create an encouraging environment. $15 for Carabiner’s members; $25 for non-members. Carabiner’s is at 328 Parker Street, NB.

World Fiddle Day

Warming up for World Fiddle Day at Hatch Street Studios

SUNDAY, MAY 20 – Old Time Fiddle Session will be hosting a multi-cultural, interactive, traditional music event called “World Fiddle Day” at Hatch Street Studios (88 Hatch Street, NB) today. The event runs from 12:30 to 5:30 pm and includes open playing opportunities for musicians, children’s activities, vendors, workshops, dancing, and a full schedule of performances by traditional fiddle music acts. In celebration of the world’s diverse fiddling traditions, featured performances include Old-Time American, Canadian, Cape Verdean, European, Gypsy, and Yiddish offerings. Cape Verdean fiddler John Miranda and Australian fiddler Mark Russel will be bringing the more distant traditions to New Bedford, while New England style caller Louisa Pugh will help reinforce native roots. It’s also the organizer, Jeff Angeley’s birthday today! So wish him well.

Steven Froias