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How shared meeting rooms work at coworking spaces

One question we get frequently from prospective members touring Groundwork is how the shared meeting rooms function. Meeting room scheduling and etiquette varies among coworking spaces, but here’s a general idea of what to expect:

Book online

Most coworking spaces use an online tool to book rooms. Once you become a member, you will have access to that tool. Booking tools will show you what others have booked, as well as your own bookings. Be sure to book a room every time you need to use it– even if you are already there and the room happens to be empty. It will signal to other members that the room is occupied.

the meeting room calendar at Groundwork

Respect your booked times

If you need to stay over your allotted time, check the booking tool to make sure nobody is after you and then book your extra time.

Book the room you need

If you are meeting with just one other person, don’t book a larger room unless you need to for specific equipment.

Clean up after your meeting

Be sure to clear out coffee mugs, erase the whiteboard, and leave your room ready for the next person.

a group of people using the meeting room at Groundwork with pizza boxes

Sharing members are happy members!

Consider this the tribal code of shared meeting rooms. Sharing is a central tenant to coworking spaces: we share a kitchen, open space, resources, and meeting rooms. We even have to share our bean bag and hammock! So remember what your mom taught you in kindergarten and play nice with your coworkers. It will go a long way towards making friends, and everybody benefits!

Not a member yet?

If you’re not a member of Groundwork yet, you can rent our meeting rooms in New Bedford or check out the meeting space in our Fall River location. Just remember that the same code of ethics applies to our guests. ;)

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