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Happy birthday to a New Bedford icon

Artist Timothy Ellis Cole in front of his ferry terminal mural on the New Bedford waterfront.

April 18 is Timothy Ellis Cole’s birthday. We here at Groundwork! wish him an especially “Happy Birthday” – because his roots run so deep with us we consider the artist a New Bedford icon.


Because Tim’s very first mural was especially created for Groundwork! It runs along our kitchen wall. In a bit of serious serendipity, the letters “NEW BEDFORD” – which were created for the annual TEDx event at the Zeiterion Theatre – sit on a shelf just above the mural.

Taken together, Tim’s mural and the letters spelling out New Bedford have become a new icon of the city – featured in countless photos and videos taken here at the coworking facility by ourselves and many members and visitors over the past few years.

Tim’s first mural at Groundwork! has become a new city icon.

Timothy Ellis Cole actually resides in Monument Beach, where his Partner Projects Studio is located. But after losing his mural virginity at Groundwork!, Tim continued to run wild with other mural projects, such as the one you see before the Seastreak ferry terminal on the city’s waterfront pictured above.

And, for this artist, the mural business continues to pay off.

Just last month, we received this press release featured Tim and his work:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Newton, MA (March 20, 2018) –  Cape Cod artist, Timothy Ellis Cole of Partner Projects Studio, completes two new murals at PayPal’s newly renovated offices in Newton, MA.  

On the heels of a month as Taber Academy’s visiting artist, awarded the 2018 Tomlinson Fellowship, Cole was off to Newton to paint his recently completed “Thrive” and “Let’s Grow!” Murals in buildings 1 and 2 for PayPal.”

The release goes on, “‘Thrive’ and ‘Let’s Grow!’ are both visual explorations of interdependence through flowing wave patterns that transition into leaves.  

“This concept applied nicely to the way in which PayPal enhances independent business’ ability to participate in a global market with ease.  

“Cole hopes his visual analogy translates well within the workspace and reminds the PayPal staff of the power they put in the hands of small businesses, allowing them to grow.”

Tim’s work at the PayPal office in Newton, MA.

All of us here at Groundwork! are thrilled to see this artist’s career continue to grow. And, we wish him a very “Happy Birthday” and many more years during which we hope to grow and thrive together.

If you’re interested in a mural or other artwork for your building or place of business, contact Timothy Ellis Cole at or via phone at 207.332.9470. Cole’s projects include public and private mural projects and other site-specific work, mixed media paintings, illustration, gallery and museum exhibitions and collaborations with various nonprofit organizations.

All work is environmentally inspired with an emphasis on free-hand executions.

We know because we watched the artist work through the night here at Groundwork! creating a new New Bedford icon. A special moment that we’re pleased to share with everyone, every day and for many birthdays into the future.

Steven Froias