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Ground Control: New Bedford Women who Marched in DC

Aminda O'Hare

Aminda O’Hare and her husband Scott represent Wyoming (and Mass) in DC.

In this episode, Sarah Athanas interviews three women who traveled from the South Coast to Washington, DC for the Women’s March on January 21, 2017. The women are:

Nicole Pupillo, Web Developer for America’s Test Kitchen
Mandy Fraser, Artist at Trader Joe’s
Aminda O’Hare, assistant professor of Psychology at UMass Dartmouth

Nicole, Mandy, and Aminda share about why they marched, what it was like, how they plan to keep going, and the power of love.

This conversation is part of the Pushy Women segment of Ground Control, which explores the female experience in our region and beyond.

You can hear all of the Ground Control podcast series on iTunes or SoundCloud.

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