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The Friendly Green Bean Coffee Making Machine

Always sunny in new bedford

For people on the go, it’s important to have that go-to spot for your coffee and breakfast accouterments.  Green Bean, the coffee shop on the corner of Purchase and Union offers warmth and comfort in its simple approach.

The sunny and tall space holds ample room to spread out, if you’re in need of a coffee shop campout.  With couches near the back entrance, some bar seating at the barista station, and tables throughout, it’s great if you’re flying solo or with a group.  Being that it’s a corner location, this is no secret to characters of all sorts, and makes a great place for people watching.

Beauty in the basics

What I truly appreciate about this business is its ability to offer products in a tasteful, no-frills way.  For under ten dollars I can walk out of there with a latte or fresh juice, and breakfast sandwich.  Some places tend to overdo the simple, while others sometimes skimp out, or slap it all together.  Green Bean finds that balance between quality and service in its most basic form.

On the menu

Egg Sandwich at Green Bean with Bacon and Avocado on Sourdough

The Egg Sandwich for $2.75 is offered with choice of bread.  I usually go with sourdough, and add on some bacon, and avocado for $1 each.  It’s nothing really to write home about, but that’s also what makes it so special.  You get what you get, and it’s done right.

Rawk Star at Green Bean

With my sandwich, I ordered a Rawk Star juice for $4.  Apple, carrot, spinach, orange, ginger and cucumber make up the concoction which produces the perfect zing to start the day.  If I had to be especially McSnobby, I’d say it could use a little turmeric.  Then again, that is what’s good about this place; nothing fancy in all the right ways.

They also offer all the classic coffee barista beverages, a variety of other breakfast sandwiches, lunch options, wraps, smoothies, shakes, salads, and baked goods with vegetarian options.

consistency is key

I’ve gone at least a dozen times over the past few months, and the only thing that has differed from visit to visit was the steamed milk latte art.  To sum it all up, I definitely recommend this local neighborhood coffee shop!

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