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Greece + New Bedford = Artist Ken Richards

As winter looms, many of us may be thinking about escaping New England for warmer climes.

Artist Ken Richards doesn’t have to put a lot of thought into his exit strategy. He divides his time between New Bedford and sun-drenched Greece throughout the year – and no doubt already has an aeroplane ticket in his pocket.

But before take-off, Ken will be featured in the Groundwork Gallery and art collectors and patrons are invited to meet him and his work at an opening reception this Friday, Dec. 2, 2016 at Groundwork! beginning at 5:00 p.m. The event is free and open to the public and runs until 9:00 p.m. Artwork will be available for sale during and after the show.

Ken doesn’t just find a different climate in Greece; he finds an altogether new palate. He tells us that the scenery obviously influences his work – both in Greece and in New Bedford. A professional painter since 1992, private showings in Athens, Paris, London, New York, Charleston and Los Angeles have resulted in an international reputation for colorful, lively and bold paintings, all acrylic on canvas or linen.

Yet he has never forgotten Southeastern Massachusetts. Though the colors he uses for his work here may reflect a different hue of water, they share a common influence with his Greek paintings: The sea. Work from both places will be on display and sale Friday at the opening reception and offers the viewer a unique opportunity to witness a duality within and without an artist.

He doesn’t just stop at Greece and New Bedford, either. His official bio notes, “His travels to the Serengeti Plain in Tanzania, Alexandria and Giza in Egypt, the Royal palace in Rabat and Marrakech in Morocco, and the island of Crete have yielded some of his most interesting studies in light. He has also found Paris and Venice sources of inspiration.” (You can follow his journey on Facebook here.)

“Everywhere I travel the light is different and exciting,” he states. “I want my paintings to go beyond the mere representation of light, shape and color to reveal the emotional rhythms, impressions and sheer delight in what the planet has to offer. I want to share my passion for these places I’ve traveled.”

Ken is now taking commissions for 2017, for custom artwork. He also accepts appointments to view his paintings at his New Bedford studio, 261 Union Street Room 205. Potential art buyers can also meet the artist at Groundwork Gallery by appointment during his show at the gallery.located in the co-working facility at 1213 Purchase Street, New Bedford.


The artist Ken Richards with Groundwork Gallery curator Dena Haden.

Steven Froias