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Get your Monday groove on with Mindy Wallis

Sliding out of Sunday into a Monday groove can be a tough task after the weekend. During the month of January, we’re asking some Groundwork! members how they handle the transition from civilian to coworking life and get their Monday groove on.

This week, member Mindy Wallis, pictured above at the Community Boating Center during a Business Buzz with fellow member Steve Markowski, shares her morning routine with us….

What time do you get up?

Depends on the time of year – about 7:00 in the winter, 6:30 in the summer.

Alarm clock or with the sun?

Actually, I use an app called Sleep Cycle which tracks my sleep and wakes me at the best time within a 10 minute window.

How many cups of coffee does it take to get your motor humming?

Not coffee, tea. A cup or two with milk every morning.

Breakfast is…

Greek yogurt with an apple, almonds, and dried coconut.

Do you exercise in the morning?

In the summer, yes, in the winter, no.

Choose one: (and elaborate if you wish…)

In the morning…

  1.  I read a newspaper.
  2.  I read the news online.
  3.  I watch…
  4.  I listen to…
  5.  other or none of the above.

I read The New York Times on the app. I get the daily email from the Standard-Times and I usually skim the headlines.

The first thing I do work-wise every Monday is…

Check email to see if there is anything new I need to attend to.

You know you’re firing on cylinders at work on Monday when…

I’m actually working and not getting distracted by something else.

Steven Froias