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Get your Monday groove on with Adam Davenport

Sliding out of Sunday into a Monday groove can be a tough task after the weekend. During the month of January, we’re asking some Groundwork! members how they handle the transition from civilian to coworking life and get their Monday groove on.

This week, member Terra Cura, Inc. co-founder Adam Davenport, pictured above preparing a GROW Education community garden at Carlos Pacheco School in New Bedford last May, shares his morning routine with us….

How do you slide into a Monday groove after the weekend?

At this time of year the sunrise is framed perfectly out my bedroom window.  Usually a red-orange glow bouncing off the walls wakes me up and entices me to get a better view from the front door.

What time do you get up?

It’s hard to sleep past 6:30, I would love to get up a little before the sun rise, but usually it’s right before the peak.

How many cups of coffee does it take to get your motor humming?

Eh, coffee makes me sluggish, I’ll go for a strong cup of yerba mate and tulsi — after a glass of water of course.

Breakfast is… sometimes over easy eggs, hummus and spinach, open-faced on a slice of sourdough.  If i’m feeling carby – I’ll go for some hearty oatmeal.

Do you exercise in the morning?

Definitely need a good stretch and some warrior poses to get the blood flowing. Especially on Mondays. A good 10-20 minutes of yoga will do

In the morning…(choose all that apply)

a) I read a newspaper.

b) I read the news online. Democracy now headlines to get the important world news updates.. Usually following up with NPR

c) I watch…

d) I listen to… some easy music in the morning, maybe some Trevor Hall, some Yoga-like meditation vibes, or native american flute.

The first thing I do work-wise every Monday is… Get my bearings – I have to reorient myself to the week, the work, the projects since I have several things going at once.  Some solid planning is always a good start.

You know you’re firing on cylinders on Monday when…

When the questions of the previous week start to get answered – usually in the form of scribbled notes at an ‘inconvenient’ time during Yoga or such.  Then they get quickly translated when I finally sit down to work.

Steven Froias