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“Feminine Habitat” Opening

On Friday July 29, I attended the art opening of Emily Brodrick’s “Feminine Habitat” display. In addition to the pieces themselves, I found the inspiration behind the collection interesting as well. Emily took the idea of sewing and stitching being stereo-typically viewed as women’s work and morphed it into a loud and in-your-face display of art that challenges how stitching as a medium has been viewed throughout history.

Talking more with Emily at the reception, I learned more about how she created her artwork. She told me that it took her three years to complete the entire collection, and she worked on it one piece at a time. Once one piece was finished, it would inspire the next piece, as she kept the same concept and tweaked different details within each piece.

Face Holes 2

I got to learn about Emily’s first piece, her favorites, and I also got to hear the unknown stories behind each piece specifically. Did you know that “Face Holes” was originally meant to be a skirt for her to wear?

It was pretty incredible to learn how much work Emily put into executing her vision and how far she has come three years later. “Feminine Habitat” is a reflection of the passion and dedication exuded by Emily herself.

To learn more about Emily and her inspiration behind “Feminine Habitat” check out my fellow blogger Steven’s post here, where he talks more with Emily about her work

Vulnerability                                                      Yarn Cave

It was interesting to see the people who attended interacting with the pieces. Whether it be sitting with “Vulnerability”, entering the “Yarn Cave”, or sticking their faces in “Face Holes” or “Yarn People”, everyone who came by got enjoyment from Emily’s work. It felt nice to be a part of a community coming together to support and appreciate the work of one of their own.

Feminine Habitat Group

Emily’s work will be on display in the Groundwork! Gallery until September 2nd. Come check it out if you missed the opening!


Photo Credit (all): Renee Riccardi

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