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5 ways coworking will positively impact your life

5 ways coworking will positively impact your life

Every year, exercising and eating healthy top the list of popular New Year’s Resolutions. It makes sense as a natural reaction to balance the gluttony of the holidays. But gyms aren’t the only kind of membership that can positively impact your mental and physical well-being.

Coworking spaces are communities of independent workers who share office space, meeting rooms, and other resources. If you work independently as a consultant or remote worker, or even as an executive director of a small non-profit, joining such a community can radically change the quality of your workday. Here are 5 ways coworking will positively impact your life:

You’ll get un-stuck.

Getting out of the house and working around other people is a great way to get unstuck. Not only do 92% of our members report increased productivity, they also learn new skills and perspectives from our event programming. Heck, simply getting out of your sweats and putting on some real clothes is a great way to get unstuck, and we can offer that too! (Although, we won’t send you home if you wear your sweatpants to work…)

You’ll find better clients.

If your goals include getting better clients as a freelancer or consultant, you’ll want to bring them to a professional meeting space. You’ll feel more confident and your clients will pick up on that. Coworking also gets you access to a network of creative, talented people who want to help you succeed. In a recent member survey we conducted, 60% reported expanding their book of business as a result of joining Groundwork, and 83% reported that they collaborated with at least one other member on a project.

You’ll create a new routine.

To prepare for this post, I asked some of Groundwork’s members how coworking has impacted their lives. One member reported that coworking helped him to create a routine. He has a set schedule of days he works out of Groundwork each week, and plans on completing certain tasks on those days. It helps him to maintain a rhythm and compartmentalize different modes of work.

You’ll make friends with people you wouldn’t otherwise know.

A resounding 100% of the members we surveyed confirmed that they made at least one new friend as a result of joining Groundwork. We all know making friends as an adult is hard, and fortunately coworking makes it a lot easier. The beauty of coworking is that social interaction is built into your workday– all you have to do is hang at the kitchen counter for a bit or attend a member lunch.

You’ll produce less waste.

This is the year to say goodbye to single-serving coffee cups and plastic silverware! If your work week generally includes coffee shop hopping and lunches on the go, you probably generate a lot of waste. Most coworking spaces have a full kitchen stocked with real silverware, mugs, plates, and a dishwasher. Imagine how much waste you can reduce (and money you can save) by bringing your lunch to work?

Ready to give it a try?

There are many more positive ways that coworking can impact your life. Simply spending your time in close proximity to other humans can boost your mood, your motivation, and your sense of belonging to a community. But don’t take our word for it– come see for yourself! Book a tour at Groundwork today, or check out our calendar of upcoming events.

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