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Coworking during the pandemic: More relevant than ever before

Picnics are a safe way to recreate the buzz in our kitchen.

Here’s some good news for 2020: coworking isn’t dead! In fact, we’re doing just fine and playing a crucial role in helping our members combat the isolation of the pandemic. Here’s an honest look at what it’s like coworking during the pandemic, and how we are finding ways to thrive.

There’s less density.

Before the pandemic, we’d see upwards of 30 people using the main space on a busy day. Today our max capacity is 14 people, so things look different. You’ll notice that on a given day, our members are spread out evenly across the space, with lots of dividers and empty desks in between.

It’s quiet.

At pre-COVID Groundwork, noise levels varied quite a bit. Monday mornings always had a “library” sort of vibe, while mid-week afternoons were often buzzing with conversations. These days are consistently on the library end of the spectrum. You may hear a member on the phone from time to time, but it is mostly the click of keyboards and ambient music accompanying us throughout the day.

Our members say the quiet and consistent energy is helpful for deep focus, and many are more productive at Groundwork than ever before.

The space is cleaner than ever.

We thought we kept things pretty clean pre-COVID. Now we’re taking cleanliness to a whole new level! In addition to disinfecting high-traffic areas 3x a day, we have far fewer large events that involve food and waste. All of this means that your coworking space is SPARKLING clean. All the time.

coworking during the pandemic- sparkling clean
Yes, the space is really this clean.

Members are more intentional.

Coworking is a participatory activity, and it has always required that members do their part to take care of the space and make the community great. Our current situation is no different– without the full participation of our membership in creating a safe environment, we wouldn’t be open right now.

Our members sign up for the days and times they plan to work, which allows us to maintain a limited daily capacity. This means our members might have to be a bit more intentional about planning and scheduling out their week– possibly a benefit to them? Additionally, our members are mindful of wearing masks in common areas, and sanitizing their work stations when they finish for the day.

The community is less visible… but stronger than ever.

Previously you might have visited Groundwork and seen obvious signs of vibrant community– members gathering over food in the kitchen, or buzzing activity in the gallery. These days the community is less obvious, but stronger than ever.

We now participate in more “covert” activities, like daily walks to a nearby park, outdoor picnics, and a virtual meditation group. We have active conversations in Slack (our messaging app) about anything from weekly horoscopes, to recipes, to social media best practices.

There’s room for you.

So if you’re sick of working from home and thinking of the long winter ahead, consider joining our little tribe. We’ve got a way for you to feel more connected — whether it’s a conversation on Slack, an outdoor picnic, or your own private office. Drop us a line to discuss your options.

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