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Melding Wood and Color: Meet Artist Mary Jane Andreozzi

Mary Jane Andreozzi

The artist and her work.

Mary Jane Andreozzi’s colorful wood pieces are at once rustic and supernatural, fiery and soothing. Hailing from Rhode Island, the artist states:

I search for a sense of balance and harmony that brings order to natural elements. I am interested in expressing an inner energy that leans toward symbolism and abstraction.

Her work has captured the gaze of Groundwork members and guests for the past month, and it will be on display through mid-August if you haven’t seen it yet. In this interview she tells us about the inspiration behind her work and her evolving career as an artist.

Wood and color

Can you talk about what inspired the body of work in your current show?

I am inspired by the diverse visual qualities found in wood. I love the endless variety of shapes, colors, and, textures! The work in this show is a combination of my own artistic ideas using rich colors in conjunction with the natural qualities found in wood. I feel like I’m working hand in hand with mother nature.

What led you to become a visual artist?

Becoming an artist has been a slow and steady process. It took me a long time to figure out what was right for me. When I was young I never considered myself an artist. That title didn’t develop until adulthood. I was a Fine Arts major in college and then eventually found out I enjoyed teaching. So now I have two jobs – teacher and artist. I am the Art Department Chairperson at St Mary Academy BayView and I’m represented by several galleries.

What does your art practice look like in your day to day life?

After a teaching day I will work a few hours on several projects. I think it is important to work on a few pieces at once in case I get stuck on a design problem. I am also able to focus on my art during the summer.

Do you have any new projects on the horizon?

Recently I have been collaborating with a furniture maker (Seekonk Woodworking) on some functional art pieces. We have made a few cabinets, tables, and boxes. This has been an exciting and successful collaboration, and I’m looking forward to creating more!

We’re open weekdays from 9am -5pm and until 7pm on August 9 for AHA! New Bedford. Stop by to see the show!

wood work by MJ Andreozzi

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