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A Whaler’s Lobster Roll at Whaler’s Tavern

On a cold winter’s day just after the New Bedford Whaling Museum held its 21st annual Moby Dick Marathon, I popped into the Whaler’s Tavern for a bite and a brew.

Whalers Tavern

Some nights you just want to get down with some bar food, and this was one of those nights! Now before I begin with the scrutiny, let me give you a little back-history. I grew up eating around the South Bay in Northern California. Among the many fine establishments and fast food joints alike, was the In-N-Out Burger (INOB). Back in those days, the one and only INOB around used to hand cut their fries for every order. They were fresh. They were good naked, with ketchup, or even dunked in a shake! It was great! This paved the way for my  fry snobbery that is displayed here with some reserve.

Wings and Fries

After perusing the Whaler’s Tavern menu for a few minutes I ordered a plate of buffalo wings, and some truffle parmesan fries…to start. The wings were great. They were plump and juicy as advertised, cooked perfectly, and had a good coating of sauce. The fries on the other hand didn’t really have any truffle essence to them, and turned out to be your basic, run-of-the-mill frozen fry I’m impartially against, yet have come to accept as just the way it is these days. With the wings and fries side-by-side, I expected more of a balance, but the fries were incomparable. That aside, all other aspects were high points.

The Great Lobster Roll

Once I washed down my appetizers, I ordered another pint, from their great rotating draft selection, and asked for a “Monsta” lobster roll with a side of mac and cheese.   When my plate arrived, this thing did not disappoint! Unlike most lobster rolls, the Whaler’s Roll, as I like to call it, was not mixed into a lobster salad. Instead, huge chunks of chopped tail, claw, and knuckle meat were laid upon a golden toasted brioche roll. You could have as big, or as small of a bite as you desired. It’s the way a lobster roll, or any seafood dish in New England should be.

Whaler's Roll

The mac and cheese was hot, gooey, and comforting. It isn’t offered as a starter or entrée on the menu, but the staff seemed friendly enough to accommodate any appetite. Had I not already consumed my fill, I may have asked for another side of it.

So if you’re a family who just strolled out of the museum, or a mariner who is hitting the dock for the first time in a month, I would recommend grabbing a bite and a brew at the Whaler’s Tavern.

Scruffy McFoodsnob