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About Slack

We use the messaging app Slack to supplement in-person connections and communication. Slack is awesome for things like:

  • Making lunch plans and ordering food with others
  • Sharing music
  • Brainstorming
  • Sharing social events and opportunities, tickets, etc.
  • Breaking the ice with folks if you are new to the space
  • Making jokes with goofy emojis and giphys
  • Feeling connected even when you aren’t physically at Groundwork!

You are invited to Slack when you become a Groundwork! member, but in case you missed it you can request access here.

Slack tips:

  • When you join Slack, you are automatically added to the #general and #random channels. Some other good ones to join are #lunch-plans (for lunch dates and takeout orders), #music (to share good music) #events (for event notifications, etc.)
  • You can make your own channel if there’s a topic you want to discuss with members!
  • Slack has direct messaging if you would like to chat privately with a member
  • If you want to send an announcement to the entire channel, start your message with @channel
  • Want more on Slack? Check out their tutorials and guides.

    Here’s a screenshot of the Slack app: