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Groundwork Looks Forward to an Offshore Wind Partnership

The Standard Times highlighted our exciting partnership with Xodus Group and the New Bedford Port Authority to bring offshore wind to New Bedford. Here’s the article:

Despite closing its physical space during the COVID pandemic, Groundwork is laying the building blocks for a swift recovery thanks to a partnership with a newly New Bedford-based company with roots in Denmark.

The coworking space, which serves as a hub for local entrepreneurs, is working with Aegir Wind Solutions and Edward Anthes-Washburn from the New Bedford Port Authority to establish New Bedford as the “First Port of Call” for offshore wind, a press release from Groundwork stated.

Aegir Wind Solutions, based in Denmark and New Bedford, is a project management consulting firm that develops local supply chain solutions for the offshore wind industry.

Aegir’s founder, Alexander Thillerup, set up American headquarters in New Bedford at Groundwork in January.

Thillerup was impressed by the welcoming and close-knit nature of Groundwork’s entrepreneur community, and saw potential to establish the coworking space as a landing pad for Denmark-based companies planning to do business in the USA, the release states.

“Our coworking space is uniquely positioned to provide services to companies setting up in New Bedford for the first time. While they are not yet ready to lease an office, these companies need to set up a mailing address, hold meetings, and get work done during visits,” explained Sarah Athanas, co-founder of Groundwork. “On a human level, they are met with welcoming hospitality and introduced to members of our community so they feel right at home doing business here.”

Thillerup and his team are adamant about “acting local first,” and a presence at Groundwork will serve to connect incoming companies with local entrepreneurs who can offer professional services. This will ensure that the local economy benefits from business generated by offshore wind development.

Thillerup explains, “It’s important to Aegir Wind and myself to be actively engaged in bringing business to New Bedford and at the same time we want the businesses we point in the direction of New Bedford to feel at home and to be serviced and facilitated. Having been welcomed in this business community with that kind of commitment and professionalism has made it very easy for me to go out and promote New Bedford as the ‘First Port of Call for Offshore Wind,’ so much so that the first three companies have already signed up this week.”

Athanas is planning a slow and phased reopening of the coworking space over the summer. In the meantime, she is working closely with Thillerup and Aegir Wind to roll out the welcome mat to several Danish businesses over the next few months.

While offshore wind is a long game and there are still many hurdles to pass, Athanas is optimistic about the future.

“At Groundwork, we always say that if you work together, you grow together. Collaborations such as these will be the key to our city’s recovery, and I’m certain that if we can survive these next few months the future will be very positive.”

To check out the original article, click here.

Caitlin Joseph