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Call for speakers: 2021-2022

Part of our mission at Groundwork is to "Provide opportunities to learn and share." To accomplish this, we offer in-person workshops and webinars available either for free or at a low cost to the public.


We are looking for speakers and presenters for Fall 2021- Spring 2022. Topics of interest are listed below, but feel free to pitch something that is not on the list!

  • Public speaking/ communication
  • Marketing
  • Leadership and management
  • Sales
  • Productivity
  • Personal growth and wellness
  • Strategy and planning
  • Finances

All speakers will receive:

  • A host to introduce you, take attendance, and assist with tech during your presentation
  • A contact list of all attendees
  • A recording of your webinar or workshop
  • A $50 honorarium
  • 5 day passes to Groundwork (a $125 value)
  • Promotion in Groundwork's newsletter and social media channels

If you would like to speak at Groundwork, please send a pitch to We look forward to hearing from you!